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We are NOW in a time for all is available, no more linear academic studies and different level initiations.  You have within you already that which is known to become, needing the courage to step through the wall of 3 dimensional reality illusions. 

There will be a series of classes or workshops that will help you to become the Master that is already within, stepping into your knowing; creating and implementing them into the physical.  This atonement is your mastery, all is given and all is available. 

What does atonement mean?
To make atonement is to do that by virtue of which separation ceases and reconciliation is brought about to reconnect you with your Divine Self, Path and Purpose, the return to oneness with the ALL THAT IS.

It is up to you if you need atonements to help you accelerate or clear out karmic debris that you feel you need help with, even though you can in every shape or form.  You just need to understand the story that sits before you, if you feel it is something you still need TO BE or NOT TO BE, this is always the question, Hmmmm?!?!?!?.

Facilitator: Craig Salentine
                  Master, Initiate, Activator, Intuitive, Seeker, Healer
                  Life-Path Chart
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