Promoting Personal Transformations

Meditation Healing Group

Heaven and Earth Meditation Group

EARTH Vibrational Energy Healing
with Sekhem Seichim Reiki (SSR)

This Meditation Healing Group works with Earth's vibrational elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water), Seichim and Reiki.

Vibrational Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water connect us directly with Mother Earth's consciousness and the Living Library that's been establish by many beings contributing their DNA, their Ideas, their Selves, their Energy to this place with collaboration with this Celestial Being called Earth. Earth is a resource of information and frequency for all of Universe to access.  Connect with your Galactic Ancestors knowledge.

Seichim means Living Light and Reiki means Universal Life Energy. Whereas Reiki is described as the White Light, Seichem is the Rainbow – both from the same place, but very different in experience.  This system encompasses the full spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies to completely balance and harmonize a person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Also, dissolves barriers to the higher self, activates and strengthens the light body and opens and enhances one's connection to his or her angelic guides, the ascended masters and the Source of ALL LOVE.

This process will evolve as we evolve.

You can find out scheduled days/time through Facebook, Meetup
and Website Calendar

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